English Profile


English Profile
Madoka is a dancer who grew up in Japan training in classical ballet and hip hop. She then went on an around-the-globe-voyage with a focus on Africa and South America to explore why people dance and why dance was born. This voyage changed her perspective on life, and she is now committed to dancing for peace and freedom of expression. She has been described as a “Revolution Dancer” by Donisha Prendergast, Bob Marley’s granddaughter and has since performed in Cambodia to raise awareness of the plight of street children, in Japan at various travel and peace-related events, and in Canada for TEDxYouth with an anti-bullying message. She now lives, loves, and creates in Victoria and Vancouver, BC, Canada where she hopes to continue to make meaningful change through dance.

Performance and Experience

Performance and Experience
・Trained in Classical Ballet (13 years)
・Trained in Hip-hop (8years)
・Performed as a volunteer dancer at a bone marrow donation charity
・Performed as a Motion Capture Dancer for the Black Eyed Peas Experience
Cambodia Asia Collection
・Cambodia Government accredited Dancer
・Performed at African Youth Ensemble in Soweto, South Africa
・Performed at Afro Reggae in Favela, Brazil
・University of Britsh Columbia & University of Victoria
・Performed  in TEDxYouth Vancouver
・Performed Wild Romace@Victoria Royal  BC Museum
・Performed in One World 2016
・Performed LIQUID vol.2  in Vancouver, Canada
・Performed at Pearson Seminar  on Youth Leadership 2015
・Performed at PSYL summer program 2015 with cordinators
・Danced in Mauritius with Youth group


In Canada
・Movement Dance Studio, Metchosin
・Pearson College, Metchosin
・Immigrant Cultural Association, Victoria
・Boogaloo Dance Academy, Vancouver
・Cedardale Elementary, Vancouver (“Dance and Expression” Workshop)
・Thrill the World, Vancouver

In Japan
・On board NGO Peace Boat’s 78th global voyage
・Studio PIRATES, Chiba
・Creation Ballet School, Chiba
・Studio Artfolio
・Culture School Across Mall Moriya


・Received the Nikkei “Most Memorable Performance Award” at the Nikkei Matsuri2015
・ Received Best Performance Award at Rishisha Dance Contest
・Received Special Award at NGO Peace Boat Performance Contest

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